Kazia Jankowski - big world | small kitchen


Hello. So glad you found your way to Big World | Small Kitchen.

In the spirit of meals that start with singing in the kitchen and end with laughter over a long table, I created this online cookbook. I wrote it in 2010 and 2011, years that were full of global flavors and transition. I’d recently returned to my hometown of Denver, Colorado, after a long period of living between the East Coast, Spain, and South America. Job opportunities had carried me away from days of writing for magazines and guidebooks to weeks filled with new product innovation for national food companies. Boyfriends were fading in and out. Friendships were growing and sometimes withering away.

As you make your way through Big World | Small Kitchen, you’ll find recipes, laced with the flavors of Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Italy and even Poland. Each recipe is accompanied by a short story that blends global tastes with my personal stories of change, learning, and love (you know, the best topics for long dinner conversations).

May both the recipes and stories be springboards for your meals, full of singing and laughter.